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UOP has been delivering cutting-edge technology to the petroleum refining, gas processing, petrochemical production and major manufacturing industries for over 90 years. The company's roots date back to 1914, when the revolutionary Dubbs thermal cracking process created the technological foundation for today's modern refining industry.

In the ensuing decades, UOP engineers have generated thousands of patents, leading to important advances in process technology, profitability consultation, and equipment design. In addition, our latest proprietary discovery methods for identifying new catalysts and adsorbents are enabling us to bring such products to the marketplace faster than ever before.

Throughout the world, UOP customers are seeing tangible benefits by applying our decades of experience to their manufacturing plants. UOP advances do more than create higher yields, higher quality products, and higher profits for our customers. They also create cleaner technologies and processes for a healthier global environment. In the United Kingdom, UOP has locations in Brimsdown and in Guildford.
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